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The Artios Art Advisory sees its mission in creating a unique artistic atmosphere where the elegance of the high style smoothly intertwines with the energy and depth of contemporary art.

We are working towards integration of contemporary art in our everyday life and the generation of new meanings with the help of this process. To open new names, erase borders and bring the poles of perception closer – this is Artios’s philosophy.


The Artios Art Advisory was founded by the independent curator and art connoisseur Dina Baitassova.
An expert and consultant on contemporary art, Dina is also one of the founders of the International Association for Art Development (IADA) based in Paris and Astana - non-profit organization for contemporary art that is bridging contemporary Kazakh artists with the rest of the world.

Dina graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Sorbonne in Paris and the Faculty of Interior Design at Marangoni, collaborated with Rmn Grand Palais on exhibitions Pearls of France held in Almaty and Napoleon that took place in Nur-Sultan. She also curated the projects One steppe forward at the 55 th Venice Biennale, On Love and other teachers in Almaty, The Single. The Plural in the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Nur-Sultan and other shows. 


Artios is focused on the development of contemporary art and art management. It offers its expertise and consulting services, organises exhibitions and other events involving contemporary artists from Kazakhstan and abroad as well as develops artistic turnkey projects for corporate and private customers.

Our company combines the services of an art gallery and a creative agency. We develop a strong and recognisable identity for our clients. To achieve this, we select gifted creatives and managers for our team. Designing space, we use authentic art objects to ensure an inimitable concept and unique atmosphere to properly support each and every one of your most daring endeavors.

I am seeking.
I am striving.
I am in it with all my heart.
V. Van Gogh











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